Angelo Benedetti, Inc. Asphalt Recycling Equipment Paving

We haven't just perfected the Re-HEAT process. We invented it.

And, did you know that the oil in a stretch of asphalt 1 mile long and 24 feet wide is enough oil to heat and cool 2 homes, clothe 2 families of 5, and drive 2 cars 10,000 miles each for 1 year?

— Angelo Benedetti Original Inventor of the RE-HEAT process

After recycling our first stretch of road over half a century ago, we proved that it was possible to provide a more sustainable asphalt without compromising durability, service life, and most importantly, the environment. With increasing public pressure on governmental agencies to demonstrate their environmental responsibility, our product has become a must-have consideration in the materials selection process.

We are the sole source manufacturer of the patented
Re-HEAT 100% Asphalt Recycling equipment.

Our asphalt maintenance method is time-proven. That's because we've been pioneering the process and making it better since the day we patented it. As a family-owned business, our commitment to providing you unsurpassed service and the highest quality finished product, is as strong as the surfaces we provide.

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